Wanted for Murder, Featuring The Saint, Paging the Saint, and Alias The Saint information.

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Leslie Charteris The Saint-Wanted for Murder
The Saint - Wanted for Murder.

Leslie Charteris Paging The Saint
Paging the Saint. Back page has a suggestion to bleed war criminals to death for their blood.

In 1931 The Crime Club published Wanted for Murder. It contained six novelettes reprinted from The Thriller. Sun Dial Press retitled this The Saint - Wanted for Murder in 1943.
This book was never issued in the UK, but that same year Hodder & Stoughton released two different books. Those two books - Alias the Saint and Featuring the Saint contained three of those stories each:

Alias the Saint
1st edn light blue cloth, dated MCMXXXI.
The Story of a Dead Man first appeared March 2 1929 and was re-written to include Simon Templar. The Saint becomes an office manager in order to recover a legacy and solve a murder;
The Impossible Crime first appeared March 7 1931 as Bumped Off. A locked-room murder mystery.
The National Debt first appeared April 6 1929 as The Secret of Beacon Inn where pirates operated, and was also rewritten as a Saint short. First appearance of Basher Tope, who was also in The Holy Terror and Once More the Saint.

Featuring the Saint
1st edn red cloth, dated MCMXXXI.
The Logical Adventure first appeared May 24 1930 as Without Warning. The Saint visits a nightclub and sees a girl drugged.
The Wonderful War first appeared June 1 1929 as The Judgement of the Joker. The Saint starts his own Central American conflict.
The Man who Could not Die first appeared October 11 1930 as Treachery. Miles Hallin seemed to be immortal, but the Saint proved him otherwise.

But, it’s not that simple. Featuring the Saint and Alias the Saint were then reprinted in the USA by different publishers who seemed to guess as to which stories belonged to which titles.

Jacobs Publishing brought out paperback Paging the Saint in 1945 which contained The Man who Could not Die and The Story of a Dead Man.
Also (1958?) Avon brought out a paperback The Saint - Wanted for Murder which contained The Story of a Dead Man and The Impossible Crime.

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