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The Saint cars
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Repro box for Corgi Saint cars. 5 post free
Corgi Rockets Volvo P1800 'THE SAINT'

Fair condition. Some wear to paint. I think the blue background is quite rare - it's usually plain, or red. 5 + 2 post to to UK (choose postal location)

My ref afs.

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The Saint Keyrings

I think this keyring (right) is 1960s.Encased in perspex, I've shown front & back. 5 post free
1960s Saint Keyring. 12 post free to anywhere. Please select colour required.ref ons
  Sold out

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The Saint badges

f how. (right) 'I've been on the Bravo bus' badge. TV channel promo, over 2" diameter. 9 post free.
Saint Bravo Bus
  Below is a selection of new 1" pinbacks 5 post free. Items marked J are used by consent of Jim Wilson (therogermooreyears). He says the badge maker took them without permission, but I can sell them if I give 50% to UNICEF. So, get them while limited stocks last!  

armed with car


sitting on car

on phone


 pink wallaper

monochrome close-up




 dark montage (J)


red montage

  in wicker

monochrome duo with halo
bow tie
casting shadows

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