Leslie Charteris The Saint and the Templar Treasure (Saint books) for sale.

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Leslie Charteris The Saint and the Templar Treasure

First published in hardback by Crime Club (Doubleday) USA, and H&S UK 1979, but paperback by Coronet 1978.
Outline story by Donne Avenelle, developed by Graham Weaver.
The blurb claims this book makes Simon Templar the longest-running fictional character of all time.


I How Simon Templar Discovered a Wine, and found Himself Stuck with it
II How Charles was kept Busy, and The Saint saw the Light
III How Henri Pichot Conducted an Experiment, and Professor Norbert Explained a Name
IV How Gaston made a Discovery, and Philippe Florian took Charge
V How Sergeant Olivet tried to Cope, and Mimette was not altogether Impartial
VI How Simon Quoted François Villon again, and the Templar Treasure came in Handy.

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Thanks for Saint e book [pdf] .
i am most impressed and cannot fail to compliment you on this fine work / and so easy to Download and read.   Regards  ian