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Meet - the Tiger aka
The Saint Meets the Tiger aka
Crooked Gold!
The Last Hero aka
The Saint Closes the Case
Enter the Saint Knight Templar aka
The Avenging Saint
Wanted for Murder aka
The Saint - Wanted for Murder
aka Paging The Saint
Featuring the Saint Alias the Saint She was a Lady aka
The Saint Meets his Match aka
Angels of Doom
Holy Terror aka
The Saint v Scotland Yard
Getaway aka
The Saint's Getaway

Once more the Saint aka
The Saint & Mr Teal
Plus rare misprint Saint & MRS Teal

The Brighter Buccaneer The Misfortunes of Mr Teal aka
The Saint in London aka
The Saint in England
Boodle aka
The Saint Intervenes
The Saint Goes On
The Saint in New York The Saint Overboard aka
The Pirate Saint
The Ace of Knaves aka
The Saint and The Ace of Knaves aka
The Saint in Action
Thieves' Picnic aka
The Saint at the Thieves' Picnic aka
The Saint bids Diamonds
Prelude for War aka
The Saint and the Sinners aka
The Saint plays with fire
Follow the Saint

The First Saint Omnibus aka
Arrest the Saint!

The Happy Highwayman The Saint in Miami The Saint Two in One
The Saint goes West The Saint at Large The Saint Steps in The Saint on Guard The Saint sees it Through
Call for the Saint Saint Errant The Second Saint Omnibus The Saint in Europe The Saint on the Spanish Main
The Sizzling Saboteur The Saint Around the World Thanks to the Saint Concerning the Saint Seor Saint
The Saint Cleans Up The Saint to the Rescue Trust the Saint The Saint in the Sun Vendetta for the Saint
The Saint on TV The Saint Returns The Saint & the Fiction Makers The Saint Abroad The Saint in Pursuit
The Saint & the People Importers Saints Alive Catch the Saint The Saint & the Hapsburg Necklace Send for the Saint
The Saint in Trouble The Saint Good as Gold The Saint & the Templar Treasure Count on the Saint The Fantastic Saint and fantasy/sf mags
Five Complete Novels Salvage for the Saint The Best of the Saint Vol 1 The Best of the Saint Vol 2 I have never seen a copy of The Saint's Sporting Chance.

Early books without “Saint” in the title were often re-titled in American paper-back editions to improve sales and most of these new titles were later used in the U.K. and appear here along with the original. Avon brought out Ace of Knaves and called it The Saint in Action, but for some reason the original title was kept over here. Some extracted stories were put together and re-titled in U.S. for (usually paperback) editions which never appeared in the U.K. True first editions were often printed by The Crime Club in America (U.K. firsts often just say first even if they were printed in U.S. earlier) and I have several of these. The only oddity is The Happy Highwayman, which was re-written for the UK version so all the stories were set in England instead of America, and chunks of dialogue and background were altered.