Leslie Charteris The Saint Returns.

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Leslie Charteris The Saint Returns
The Saint Returns 1st edn by Crime Club.

Leslie Charteris The Saint in London
1974 edn.

First hardcover Crime Club USA, 1968. H&S UK 1969.
Contains two stories of Simon Templar, previously printed in The Saint Magazine 1967:
The Dizzy Daughter September. Adapted by Fleming Lee from a story written by D R Motton for the TV series;
The Gadget Lovers July. Adapted by Fleming Lee from a story written by John Kruse for the TV series.
Intro by Leslie Charteris (basically reprinted from The Saint on TV).

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Thanks for Saint e book [pdf] .
i am most impressed and cannot fail to compliment you on this fine work / and so easy to Download and read.   Regards  ian