From 1947 to 1950 the Saint was played by Vincent Price on American Radio. When he gave up in 1950, the 1950-51 series also starred Barry Sullivan and then Tom Conway (brother of screen Saint George Sanders).

A number of earlier episodes were repeated during the 1949 season. Some compilations available include these repeats, so that they seem to have more than 56 titles. The 56 episodes included on this cdrom are (starring Vincent Price except where noted):

47-10-15 Gangster District Attorney. Opening line = "Come in. Oh, oh, it's you again"
47-10-22 Murder on the High Seas. Opening line = "Oh, hello, how is my favourite shipboard acquaintance this evening?"
47-10-29 Greed Causes Murder. Opening line = "Help! Help!"
47-12-17 The Saint Goes Underground. Opening line = "Anything wrong, Captain?"
47-12-24 The Nineteen Santa Clauses. Opening line = "Hi, Mr Templar."
48-03-03 The Case of the Unhappy Homicide. Opening line = "Come in." "Hi, Mr Templar"
48-05-26 The Case of The Blonde Who Lost Her Head. Opening line = "Taxi, Taxi! 4500 Sutton please."
50-01-08 The Cake That Killed. Opening line = "Good evening Sir, and welcome to the Bachelor's Friend"
50-01-22 The Case of the Lonesome Slab. Opening line = (shots) "What happened, what's wrong?"
50-06-11 The Sinister Sneeze. Opening line = "Excuse me, but is this taxi taken?"
50-06-18 A Sonata for Slayers. Opening line = "Proof that the language of music is a truly universal one, Mr Templar"
50-07-02 A Real Gone Guy. Opening line = "Oh, hello, Templar's Mortuary."
50-07-09 The Problem of the Peculiar Payoff. Opening line = "Taxi, Taxi!" "You don't want a taxi Mr. Templar, I have a car right here."
50-07-16 Follow the Leader. Opening line = "Oh, open up, please hurry"
50-07-23 The Frightened Author. Opening line = "Templar!" "Well, if it isn't Randy Patterson"
50-07-30 The Case of the Previewed Crime. Opening line = "Mr. Templer, Mr. Templar" "I'm asleep."
50-08-06 The Corpse Said Ouch. Opening line = (knocking) "I'm not home"
50-08-13 Reflection on Murder. Opening line = "Oh, I didn't see you in there - I thought the cab was empty"
50-08-27 Cupid and the Corpse. Opening line = "You know something, Simon darling?"
50-09-03 Baseball Murder. Opening line = "Going to the ball game, eh, Mr. Templar?"
50-09-10 The Horrible Hamburger. Opening line = "Taxi, Taxi" "Among men who know locomotion best, it's Louis 3-1"
50-09-17 The Ghost That Giggled (Sullivan). Opening line = "Oh, I beg your pardon Sir, or Madam as the case may be"
50-09-24 Dossier on a Doggone Dog (Sullivan). Opening line = "Hey, Mr Templar" "Why Loius, that's what I call service"
50-10-29 It's Snow Use. Opening line = "Oh, snow sports, who likes them?"
50-11-05 Miss Godby's School for Girls. Opening line = "Oh, hello" "Good morning. This Simon Templar, the Saint?"
50-11-12 Return of Harry Morgan. Opening line = "If a body meets a body coming through the old fashioneds"
50-11-19 No Hiding Place. Opening line = "Right in here"
50-11-26 The Terrible Tin Type. Opening line = "On my way, Mr. Templar"
50-12-03 Martin Hickerson, Private Eye. Opening line = "Would there be anything for dessert, Mr Templar?"
50-12-10 The Chiseling Chimpanzee. Opening line = "I'm out of town"
50-12-17 Simon Minds the Baby. Opening line = "Hello Mr. Templar. Joe Collins. Remember me?"
50-12-24 Santa Claus is No Saint. Opening line = "Hi Mr Templar." "Hello Louis."
51-01-07 Ladies Never Lie - Much. Opening line = (doorbell rings)"Coming." "Mr Templar?"
51-01-14 Simon Takes A Curtain Call. Opening line = "They say each man kills the thing he loves"
51-01-21 Tuba or not Tuba, That is the Question. Opening line = "Hi Mr Templar." "Theodore!"
51-02-04 The Carnival Murder. Opening line = "Just step a little closer if you will, my friends"
51-02-11 The Bride Who Lost Her Groom. Opening line = "Taxi, taxi! "Personally lady, the name is Louis"
51-02-18 Next of Kin. Opening line = "Oh, all right, I'm coming, I'm coming"
51-02-25 The Big Swindle. Opening line = "Just a moment. Yes?"
51-03-04 The What-Not What Got Hot. Opening line = "Mr Templar." "Yes, Louis?" "You look tired."
51-03-11 Button, Button. Opening line = (doorbell) "Just a moment please."
51-03-18 The Birds and Bees of East Orange. Opening line = "Who? Oh, it's you."
51-03-25 Formula for Death. Opening line = "Ah, good afternoon Mr. Templar."
51-04-01 Simon Carries The Ivy. Opening line = "Coming, coming." "Good morning Templar. Get you out of bed?"
51-04-08 The Ghosts Who Came to Dinner. Opening line = "Hey, Mr. Templar." "Yes, Louis?" "Starting to rain."
51-04-15 The Strange Bedfellows. Opening line = "Hello." "This is long distance." (scratchy)
51-04-22 The Lady Who Leaned. Opening line = "Mr Templar." "Yes, Doogan?"
51-04-29 The Missing Husband. Opening line = "I don't like it around here."
51-05-20 Pin no Roses on My Corpse. Opening line = "Would you like some more coffee Madam?"
51-05-27 The Military Instructor (Conway). Opening line = "Coming, coming." "Mr. Templar?"
51-06-03 The Girl with the Lower Berth (Conway). Opening line = "Mind if I sit down here Mister?"
51-06-24 Peter the Great (Conway). Opening line = "Hey Mr. Templar. "Yes, Loius?" "It's 8 o'clock in the morning."
51-07-01 Death of a Cowboy (Conway). Opening line = "Coming." "Yes?" "Ain't you going to ask me in partner?
51-07-08 Missing an Angel (Conway). Opening line = "Here you are, Mr. Templar."
51-07-15 No, My Darling Daughter (Conway). Opening line = "Yes?" "I'm Simon Templar."
Plus bonus items as available.
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