Leslie Charteris wrote several books before he hit the big time, and a few non-Saint books after. Here are some of them not listed elsewhere.

Leslie Charteris The Saint Abroad
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Dashiel Hammett wrote Secret Agent X-9 strips from 1933 to 1934. Other writers took him over, and it is not well-known that Leslie wrote three stories in the series. Almost mint 1992 magazine contains reprints of half a dozen stories, beginning with Leslie's 2nd & 3rd strips, originally appearing from November 1935. 28.99 + post.
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Juan Belmonte: Killer of Bulls

In 1937 Leslie's interest in Spain was evident when he translated this book into English and wrote an intro. Illustrated with photographs and drawings. Because of an injury, Belmonte could not move out of the way, so developed the technique of standing his ground and using the cape to deflect the bull, which is nowadays the standard method.
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Leslie Charteris Lady on a Train The screenplay for Universal's film Lady on a Train starring Deanna Durbin was written by Leslie. In it there is a butler by the name of Butler. It was also released as a cheap paperback in 1945, which is now very hard to find. Always on brittle brown paper (wartime quality).
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Leslie also wrote a book on self-teaching Spanish - Spanish for Fun.
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Leslie Charteris Spanish for Fun


Paleneo is Leslie Charteris' invention of a written universal language - a cross between heiroglyphs and esperanto. Blindingly simple (e.g. an arrow pointing right means 'to', an arrow pointing left means 'from'). New 1992 2nd edn from Saint Club unsold stock. See if it's still available from Amazon (Listed by Moulton Books)

Gourmet magazine 1967. Leslie was very interested in food and cookery. During the 1960s he had a regular column in Gourmet magazine and this is one such. Very rare. The article is about 4 pages long. 19.99 post free.

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