Leslie Charteris The Misfortunes of Mr Teal aka The Saint in London aka The Saint In England - (Saint books) for sale.

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Leslie Charteris The Misfortunes of Mr Teal
Misfortunes of Mr Teal
Leslie Charteris The Saint in London

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Leslie Charteris - The Saint in England.

First edition by H&S in light blue cloth binding, and by Crime Club, USA, 1934 as The Misfortunes of Mr Teal. Sun Dial Press retitled it The Saint in England in 1941, and H&S retitled it The Saint in London in 1942.
It consists of three novellas, all of which first appeared in The Thriller:
The Simon Templar Foundation, which first appeared February 10 1934 as The Book of Fate. Rayt Marius, European war-monger, kept a journal of public figures who had helped him over the years. Simon meets an old gangster pal, Hoppy Uniatz, who teams up with him and who continues the association into future adventures;
The Higher Finance made a first appearance February 24 1934 as On The Night of the 13th!. The Saint buys a taxi and poses as a counterfeiter. His adventure pits him against a jaguar (the live variety) and not for the first or last time he avoids a subterranean incarceration;
The Art of Alibi appeared March 24 1934 as After the Murder. A killer makes the mistake of leaving a stickman drawing on his victims and also locking the Saint in a cellar. Simon feels duty-bound to prevent him hijacking 3,000,000 in gold bullion.
In these stories, the art of Teal-baiting reaches new heights.

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