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Your fridge isn't complete without one of these magnets. Photo embedded in hard plastic. 3" high. 10.

The Saint's Vacation studio-issue photograph 1941 of Saint Hugh Sinclair with co-star Sally Grey. It has some creases and small tears and drawing-pin holes. 15
  Volvo envelope
1998 Volvo post cover. This is an envelope for collectors issued in Tatarstan. It has a Volvo postage stamp which is franked but the envelope has not been used. 12.
Leslie Charteris had recently returned to the UK from America and was in contact with friends on the south coast of England. One of them was involved with the theatre and got Leslie to appear in a play there.

I acquired a couple of playbills from the Saint Club archives and am offering one here.2.50

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Postcards First 7 4 each. First 2 issued by Volvo. Final 10 6 each.

Saint postcard by Volvo
Saint postcard by Volvo
Saint postcard Kilmer
Sold out
French postcard Ici le Saint
Saint postcard by Volvo
Saint postcard by Volvo
French postcard Le Saint Contre Teal
Postcard the Saint looks up
Postcard the Saint blue eyes
Postcard - The Saint
Postcard - The Saint
Sold out
Postcard - The Saint
Sold out
Postcard the Saint unkempt
Some damage bottom right
Postcard the Saint Maverick
Saint postcard by Volvo Postcard - The Saint
Some slight creasing

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Photos and signed items. Some items come with a 3rd-party Certificate of Authenticity. I have seen many items signed by Leslie Charteris, including some which I received directly from him, and many more via the Saint Club. I have no doubts about the authenticity of any Leslie Charteris items offered here. I will include a letter with each saying so, and like all my items they come with a no-quibble money-back guarantee. Note - Certificates of Authority are not to be relied on as they are easily produced.

Signed books:
Follow the Saint
Capture the Saint (signed by Burl Barer)
"The Saint": A Complete History in Print, Radio, Film and Television (signed by Burl Barer, Robert Baker and Dan Bodenheimer)

Bookmark signed by Leslie Charteris
Unused book library mark signed "Leslie Charteris '87" with letter of authenticity from Huckleberry Hollow Collectibles & Curiosities. Leslie was always willing to sign items sent to him by fans. 50
Photo signed by Leslie Charteris
Photo of Leslie Charteris signed 'Best wishes Leslie Charteris' with stickman. Purchased from The Saint Club. 55.

Video cassette label signed 'Leslie Charteris 91'. Full size unfolded 10" x 8", but I have just shown the front here. Purchased by me from the Saint Club. 55

Video label signed by Leslie Charteris
Right: Something different. Twelve 1/12th scale doll's house Saint books. Handmade (not opening), they depict USA first editions.
The Saint goes on (1934) Saint Errant (1948) The Ace of Knaves (1937) Saint Overboard (1936) The Saint in Miami (1940)
Getaway (1935) The Misfortunes of Mr Teal (1934) Follow the Saint (1938) The Saint in New York (1936) The Happy Highwayman (1939)
Thieves' Picnic (1937) Prelude for War (1938). 9.99

Doll's House Saint books

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