The Holy Terror aka The Saint vs. Scotland Yard

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Leslie Charteris The Saint vs Scotland Yard
The Saint V Scotland Yard 1932 Popular Priced ($1) edn (USA). Contains rare 'Between Ourselves' intro (see below) - and also The Last Hero.
Leslie Charteris The Saint Versus Scotland Yard
Pan edn
You can also buy a DVD of a movie (The Saint in London) based on a story in this book.

The Saint in London (RKO, 1939) is an American motion picture, the third in a series of films featuring the adventures of Simon Templar, alias "The Saint".
The film starred George Sanders as Templar and was produced by William Sistrom. John Paddy Carstairs directed. Lynn Root and Frank Fenton wrote the screenplay based on Leslie Charteris' short story, "The Million Pound Day", which was published in the 1932 collection The Holy Terror, also known as The Saint vs. Scotland Yard.
According to Saint historian Burl Barer, Charteris considered The Saint in London to be the best of the RKO film series, and it was also a box office success. He believed George Sanders was better suited for the role than Louis Hayward. He admired director Carstairs' work enough to dedicate the book The Saint in the Sun to him; Carstairs is also the only person to direct not only RKO Saint films, but also two episodes of the 1962-69 series The Saint.
The quality of the recording is fair, considering the age of the original (which is out of copyright). Don't expect HD!

Bonus: Included on the DVD for your entertainment is The Saint in Palm Springs (RKO 1941).
The film itself was based upon a story by Charteris, however many changes to his concept were made & he sued RKO over it. Charteris later novelised his version of the film story as the novella "Palm Springs", contained within the collection The Saint Goes West.
George Sanders returned once again as Templar (his final performance in the role), with Jonathan Hale making his final appearance as Inspector Farnack (the character would next be seen in The Saint in Manhattan, a 1980s television pilot). Wendy Barrie makes her third and final appearance in the film series, once again playing a different character. Paul Guilfoyle made a reappearance as Pearly Gates, previously seen in The Saint Takes Over.
The storyline involves The Saint pursuing rare stamps at a Palm Springs, California hotel.

Leslie Charteris The Saint in London DVD
5.99 post free

The Holy Terror was first issued UK by H&S 1932 (MCMXXXII) in light blue cloth. Released in US by Crime Club the same year under the title The Saint vs. Scotland Yard. Reissued in UK with new title in 1949 by H&S and Pan paperbacks.
Consists of 3 stories which first appeared in The Thriller:
The Inland Revenue, first published April 25 1931 as The Masked Menace, where the Saint gets out of a hole and gets the villain who put him in to pay his income tax. Also appeared in Mystery Novels Magazine Spring 1934 as The Saint’s Income Tax;
The Million Pound Day, first published in June 1931 as Black Face, where the Saint foils a plot to steal from the Bank of Italy and gets a brilliant alibi; and
The Melancholy Journey of Mr Teal, first published August 8 1931 as The Kidnapped Killer, which concludes with Simon Templar trousering some illicit diamonds.
Early editions contained an intro, Between Ourselves, saying Leslie hopes to publish more stories, which was soon dropped.

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