Leslie Charteris The Happy Highwayman (Saint books) for sale.

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Leslie Charteris The Happy Highwayman
Happy Highwayman 1963 edition signed by Leslie Charteris. UK version.
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Leslie Charteris The Happy Highwayman
Happy Highwayman. 1941 reprint. Inscr. UK version. 2.00

First published in New York by The Crime Club, Inc., 1939, the title page verso states "First Edition". The stories are set in America, and The Saint's police foil is Inspector Fernack. The stories were re-written for the H&S 1939 UK edition (some later editions erroneously state ‘July 1933’) to set them in England with Chief Inspector Teal. So far as I am aware, this is the only Saint book to have had this treatment. It was also printed by Musson in Canada, and I presume that was the US version, having never seen a copy.
The stories (with previous incarnations if any):
The Man who was Lucky from The American magazine December 1935 as Date in the Dark. A frightened witness is helped by the Saint;
The Smart Detective first appeared in The American magazine June 1936 as The Saint & the Siren. Inspector Corrio was too smart for his own good;
The Wicked Cousin was first published in The American magazine June 1936 as The Saint in Hollywood. A girl inherits some letters;
The Well-meaning Mayor was published in The American magazine August 1936 as Don’t Shoot the Mayor. A small-town honest mayor is viewed as a crook by its citizens;
The Benevolent Burglary is committed after Simon Templar bets that it will be;
The Star Producers are looking for theatre production backers. The Saint obliges;
The Saint bets The Charitable Countess that he will steal her necklace. First appeared In Detective Fiction Weekly;
The Mug’s Game is where someone (i.e. The Saint) falls for a conjuring trick con;
The Man who Liked Ants was a crazy scientist who wanted the insects to inherit the world. This story, like the last few, was written specially for the book but was reprinted in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction June 1953.
Detective Fiction Weekly March 4 1939 contains first printing of The Charitable Countess - or may have been at same time as book. Doesn’t seem to appear in the reference books.

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