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Leslie Charteris The Saint's Getaway

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The Saint's Vacation is the title of a 1941 action-adventure film produced by RKO Pictures. The film starred Hugh Sinclair as Simon Templar, a.k.a. "The Saint" a world-roving crimefighter who walks the fine edge of the law. This was one of a series of films based loosely upon the character created by Leslie Charteris for a series of novels and novellas. It was Sinclair's first appearance as Templar, having taken over the role from George Sanders.
The film was based upon Charteris' 1932 novel, Getaway (also known as The Saint's Getaway) and, like all the other films in the RKO Saint series, considerable liberties were taken with the original story. Most notably, the time frame of the story has been moved up to the Second World War, with the villains of the piece being Nazis. The film also disregards the fact that Getaway was in fact the third chapter of a trilogy which included the earlier works The Last Hero and Knight Templar. It should be noted, however, that unlike other films in the Saint series, Charteris himself co-wrote the screenplay. Unlike the previous Saint films, which were produced in Hollywood, The Saint's Vacation was produced and filmed in Great Britain.
Several characters from Getaway do appear in the film adaptation, most notably Templar's friend and editor Monty Hayward (the only time this recurring character from the early novels appeared on film, albeit not as Leslie intended him). The villain of the film, Rudolf Hauser (played by Cecil Parker) is an adjustment of the book's villain, Prince Rudolf (who had also been the villain in the early Saint novels The Last Hero and Knight Templar). One notable omission from the character list is Templar's literary girlfriend, Patricia Holm, who is here replaced by another character, Mary Langdon (played by Sally Gray).
This was the first of two appearances by Sinclair as The Saint; he would later return in the film adaptation of Meet - The Tiger!, a.k.a. The Saint Meets the Tiger.
It's actually quite close to the book, with the major difference being that the crown jewels have been replaced by a musical box(!). The quality of the recording is fair, considering the age of the original (which is out of copyright). Don't expect HD!

Leslie Charteris The Saint's Vacation DVD
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Bonus: Included on the DVD for your entertainment is The Saint Takes Over (RKO 1940). Leslie Charteris hated it as it bore no resemblance to something he would write.
I How Simon Templar Fell from Grace, and Stanislaus was Unfortunate
II How Simon Templar was Unrepentant, and the Party was considerably Pepped Up
III How Simon Templar made a Journey, and Prince Rudolf spoke of His Appendix
IV How Monty Hayward Carried On
V How Simon Templar chased himself, and Monty Hayward did his Stuff
VI How Monty Hayward slept uneasily, and Simon Templar warbled about Worms
VII How Simon Templar borrowed a Car, and agreed to be Sensible
VIII How Simon Templar continued to be Discreet, and Monty Hayward improved the Shining Hour
IX How Simon Templar had an Inspiration, and trespassed in the Garden of Eden
X How Simon Templar Discoursed about Prohibition, and Patricia Holm Walked like a Princess
XI How Monty Hatward Recited Poetry, and Simon Templar Treated Himself to a Wash
XII How Nina Walden Spoke, and Monty Hayward Looked out of a Window
First appeared as two stories in The Thriller 1932: February 6 as The Property of the Deceased and in June as Two Men from Munich.
First hardcover UK by H&S 1932, and USA Crime Club 1933 titled Getaway: The new Saint Mystery. Sun Dial Press changed it to The Saint’s Getaway 1943 and H&S kept to this with their 1952 reprint.
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