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Leslie Charteris Saint Errant

Saint Errant 1st UK edn 1949. The cover is spotted & faded in patches but has this fair dustwrapper.
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Saint Errant
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First hardbacks USA Crime Club 1948, UK H&S 1949 (blue cloth).
Eight short stories:
Judith, published in The American magazine January 1934 as Paris Adventure. Simon Templar is asked to burgle a house. Story was rewritten to set it in Montreal;
Iris, published in Mystery Book magazine Winter 1948 as The Man who Murdered Shakespeare. Simon is accused of blackmail;
Lida, published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine August 1947 as The Quarterdeck Club. Is a death suicide or murder?;
Jeannine, from Argosy magazine February 1948 called The Saint and the Lovely Sinner. Wherein the Saint explains how pearls can be dissolved in wine;
Lucia, which confusingly was published in Double Detective magazine November 1937 as The Saint Steps in. A Chicago hoodlum returns to his home town;
Teresa, published New York News 1947 as The Uncertain Widow - who enlists the Saint’s help in finding out what happened to her husband;
Luella, which first appeared in Rex Stout's Mystery Monthly Oct 1946 as Operation Luella, which they commissioned. Simon and Patricia seek a hotel room;
Emily, from Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Nov 48 called Salt on his Tail. The Saint buys a metal detector; and
Dawn, published in Thriller Wonder Stories October 1947 as The Darker Drink. Is she a dreamboat or a dream?
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