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The comics were started in the USA in the 1940s and not many survive in VG condition. Some were reproduced in the 1990s.

Then another series started at number 1 again, at least in the UK. These have glossy covers, and there is another series of 'adult picture stories' with matt covers which were published in Australia.

More information from somebody in the know would be welcome.

I have a collection of the 12 vintage USA comics from 1947 to 1952 which have been scanned and transferred to pdf files which can be read on any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from the internet) and stored on CDROM. They are now in the public domain.

The comics from which these scans were taken are not in the best condition - there are tears, stains, and browning - but still make enjoyable reading. However, they were mostly printed in the days when they used full colour (before they started recycling old newspaper strips). Saint 11 was renumbered 4 for the UK market. The strips were reproduced in monochrome and other stuff was added.

The first official Saint strips were published in Silver Streak comic in the 1940s.
Silver Streak had 68 pages. I have two of these magazines but I have only reproduced the first 14 pages from each as the rest has nothing to do with the Saint. They feature the Saint fighting the Nazis.

CD available from me post free 3.
The Saint Comic 6
The Saint Comic 4
The Saint comic by Thorpe & Porter UK No. 1 with faults eg writing. 20
The Saint Comic 2
The Saint comic UK No. 2. with faults eg writing. 5
The Saint Comic 4
The Saint comic UK No. 4. with faults eg writing. 5
The Saint Comic 4
The Saint comic No. 4 Australian. Minor faults. 10
The Saint Comic 10
The Saint comic No. 10, printed & distributed in Australia. My ref fcs 10
The Saint Comic 10
Notorious Murder Mob - worn copy. 16