The Saint and Capture the Saint by Burl Barer

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Burl Barer Capture the Saint

Burl Barer Capture the Saint

Capture the Saint Collector's edition. A much nicer edition than the other (Volvo) one, which had a few computer-generated typos. This is one of 600 copies signed by the author. This book is in mint unread condition. This book is now becoming very hard to acquire and very expensive. My listing on Amazon.
Check if it's still available (listed under Moulton Books)

The Saint by Burl Barer

Burl Barer has written two books that I know of: a book based on a Jonathan Hensleigh story called The Saint which was of course the Val Kilmer film story; and Capture the Saint (both 1997) for The Saint Club - and there may yet be more. He is also the author of The Saint: A Complete History in Print, Radio, Film and Television.

Cheapest regular source seems to be Amazon - I can't compete with them at a penny.

Capture The Saint by Burl Barer

Capture the Saint is subtitled The Saint in Seattle. He meets the now grown-up Viola Inselheim, whom he rescued as a 6-year-old in New York. Fans will spot the titles of favourite Leslie Charteris Saint books cropping up throughout the story.
This book was published by The Saint Club 1997.
Contents: How Simon Templar Spoke of Skiffs, and Salvadore Alisdare became Agitated
How Simon Templar Sang on Broadway, and Diamond Tremayne Passed her Audition
How Viola Berkman Searched for Herring and Salvadore Alisdare Battled a Doorknob
How Duvall became Illuminated, and Milo was Unforgiving
How Simon Templar Entered an Elevator, and Little Buzzy Consumed Cauliflower
How Barney Malone did a Dance, and Simon Templar Became Inspired

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i am most impressed and cannot fail to compliment you on this fine work / and so easy to Download and read.   Regards  ian