Leslie Charteris Brighter Buccaner (Saint books) for sale.

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Leslie Charteris The Brighter Buccaneer
Brighter Buccaneer 1951 Yellow Jacket hardback
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Leslie Charteris The Brighter Buccaneer
Brighter Buccaneer 14th edn.

Brighter Buccaneer

First hardcover UK (blue cloth) & USA 1933. The Saint has been pardoned for all crimes now and his identity is no secret.
This book consists of 15 short stories which originally appeared in the Empire News, a now-defunct Sunday Newspaper, in 1932. Leslie Charteris had a contract to write a story a week for 25 weeks. They are as follows:
The Brain Workers first published August 21 as To the Call of Beauty in Distress;
The Export Trade first published August 28 as Diamond Cut Diamond;
The Unblemished Bootlegger first published September 4 as Shanghaied!;
The Owners’ Handicap first appeared September 11 as Won by a Neck;
The Tough Egg first appeared September 18 as Double-Cross;
The Bad Baron. From the September 25 edition;
The Brass Buddha first appeared in October 2;
The Perfect Crime first appeared October 9 as The Perfect Touch;
The Appalling Politician was called Third Degree Fires when it first appeared October 16;
The Unpopular Landlord first published October 23 as The Bullying Major;
The New Swindle was known as The Mail Swindle when first published October 20 1932;
The Five Thousand Pound Kiss appeared November 6 as The Star of Mandalay;
The Green Goods Man was originally called The Very Green Goods Man on November 21;
The Blind Spot was published as The Stolen Formulas November 13;
And finally, The Unusual Ending appeared November 27 as Case of the Lady Informer.

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