Leslie Charteris Boodle aka The Saint Intervenes (Saint books).

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Leslie Charteris Boodle
Boodle Hardback, dark red/brown covers, maybe 1st UK edn (states inside 1st printed 1934 - but 1st edn should be blue - so maybe a special library edition?), very clean for an ex-library book (I think stickers have been removed from covers) but several pages professionally strengthened/re-attached. 13 stories including The Noble Sportsman.
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Leslie Charteris The Saint Intervenes
The Saint Intervenes 1973 Hodder.
Leslie Charteris The Saint Intervenes
The Saint Intervenes 1951 Pan.

Boodle generally contains 12 to 14 short stories depending on whether it is a UK or USA edition. Some stories did not appear previously and were written for the book.
First hardcover UK as Boodle in light blue cloth covers by H&S, and USA by Crime Club as The Saint Intervenes 1934. Title changed by H&S 1950.
Titles are:
The Ingenuous Colonel, first published in Empire News October 1 1933 as Keep an Eye on the Clock. Retitled October 13 1934 in The Thriller.
The Unfortunate Financier, first published in Empire News October 8 1933 as The Whipping of Titus Oates.
The Newdick Helicopter, first published Empire News October 15 1933 as The Inventions of Oscar Newdick.
The Prince of Cherkessia, first published Empire News October 22 1933 as The Vanishing of Prince Schomyl.
The Treasure of Turk’s Lane, first published Empire News October 29 1933.
The Sleepless Knight, first published Empire News November 5 1933 as The Slave Driver Sees the Red Light.
The Uncritical Publisher, first published Empire News November 12 1933 as The Smashing of Another Racket. This book is about a vanity publishing scam and it is believed that Hodder & Stoughton might think their readers would identify them with it, so it’s never been included in UK editions. Leslie Charteris was inspired by a true incident;
The Noble Sportsman. This story is often omitted from later paperback versions, at least in the UK.
The Damsel in Distress, first published Empire News November 19 1933 as The Kidnapping of the Fickle Financier.
The Loving Brothers, first published Empire News November 26, 1933 as Green Eyes of the Greedy Brothers.
The Tall Timber, first published Empire News December 3 1933 as The Moustache and the Tea-Cup.
The Art Photographer.
The Man who Liked Toys, first published in The American magazine September 1933 (but without the Saint so was rewritten & set in London).
The Mixture as Before.
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